It’s not people who have shaped what happens here in Achiltibuie and the Summer Isles, because people aren’t in charge: nature is. She has set down our mountains, lochs, islands, beaches and sea; put the eagle in our sky; the salmon in our water; a scurry and splash of deer, otters, seals and whales for the quick-eyed to catch. She has let us carve a narrow road through glen and around loch to let us in, making us drive 25 miles from Ullapool while letting the raven reach us in only 10 miles. She gives us long days of glorious sun and far horizons when we can see across the Minch to the Hebrides, south to Skye and north to the mountains of Sutherland. She gives us days of storms when we can see only as far as the pounding ocean swells that smash the coastline with explosions of spray. She has given us beautiful but poor land that has slowly yielded to generations of traditional crofting methods, but she has giving us a bountiful sea to sustain our fishermen. She brings dramatic seasons, each with its own colours, each with its own aficionados. She gives the memories to inspire the Gaelic songs of exiles and the reason why so many return.

Visitors to Achiltibuie have come for all sorts of reasons. Some for activity, some to simply relax and soak in the scenery. If you’re looking for night-clubs, thronging shopping streets or donkey rides on the beach, we will disappoint. But if you want to be bowled over by scenery, guddle in rock-pools, sail round islands, get really close to nature, walk coastal paths, listen to music and song, dive over kelp forests, climb mountains, capture breathtaking sunsets, stroll deserted beaches, catch wild trout for breakfast or just find yourself, then come. You’ll enjoy it. You can come for a day, but it will be over-filled and you will leave not knowing what you have missed. Far better to come and stay for a week or two. You can camp, take a caravan, stay in the youth hostel, stay in a bed-and-breakfast, take a self-catering chalet or house, or stay in the hotel: the choice is yours. Come and escape your own way of life and share a bit of ours.